Cardiac Interventions

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Advances in medical technology mean that today, a wide range of cardiac interventions are available to improve and protect your cardiovascular health. ECCA offers a comprehensive range of cardiac interventions at their offices in Manchester, Hartford, and South Windsor, Connecticut. If you’re looking for expert, personalized cardiovascular health care, call one of the offices or schedule a consultation online today.

Cardiac Interventions
Q & A

What are cardiac interventions?

Cardiac intervention is the clinical term for a variety of procedures to prevent and treat cardiovascular health issues like heart attacks and coronary artery disease. 

ECCA provides a wide range of cardiac interventions as well as comprehensive consultations, exams, and diagnostic testing. Some of the common types of cardiac intervention include:


Angioplasty is a catheter procedure that opens arteries that are narrowed by atherosclerosis. ECCA offers several types of angioplasty, including balloon angioplasty, laser angioplasty, and atherectomy. Angioplasty increases your blood flow and can open arteries throughout your body, including your neck and brain. 

Stent placement

Your physician may recommend stent placement during angioplasty. A stent is a small mesh tube that props an artery open. For example, if you have a balloon angioplasty that uses gentle pressure to open an artery, your physician may place a stent to keep that artery open for continued improved blood flow. 

Catheter ablation 

Catheter ablation typically uses radiofrequency energy to destroy malfunctioning heart tissue. For example, if muscle tissue in your heart is creating abnormal electrical signals that interfere with your heart rate, catheter ablation can stop the irregular electrical activity and regulate your heartbeat. 

Heart valve surgery

If you have a weak or abnormally shaped valve in your heart, your physician may recommend surgery to replace the valve and improve your heart function. This helps optimize the way your heart pumps and reduces a variety of cardiovascular symptoms. 

Bypass surgery

Bypass surgery is available in minimally invasive and traditional open procedures. During the operation, your surgeon grafts an artery from elsewhere in your body onto another artery to allow blood to bypass a blockage. It’s a standard procedure to address coronary artery disease. 

How do I know which cardiac intervention is right for me?

ECCA provides comprehensive exams, testing, and consultations to diagnose the specific issue causing your symptoms. 

When your physician understands your needs, they create a personalized treatment plan that may include cardiac interventions, medication, and lifestyle adjustments.

When should I talk to a doctor about my heart health?

You should have regular blood pressure and cholesterol screenings at your annual exams. If these preventive health screenings reveal an increased risk of heart disease, take action immediately. 

Many of the risk factors of heart disease are under your control, and you can take steps to reduce your risk today. 

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